PC Mag – Editors’ Choice Award

Our sister brand Telestial was recently recognised with PC Mag’s Editors’ Choice Award.

Check out the video at

Travel Journal video

See the new video we created to show the Travel Journal in action

See the Travel Journal in action

If you don’t have a Travel Journal yet, you might like to see how other people are using theirs. You can now browse travel journals to see what people around the world are publishing for public viewing. If the entries are set for family and friend viewing you need to have a visitor password to see them.

SIMple Calling video

We’ve made a video to tell you all about the SIMple calling service. In Portuguese.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

If you’ve linked your travel journal to Twitter or Facebook, you might like to follow ekit or Travel Journal on Twitter, or search for the “ekit” and “ekit travel journal” pages on Facebook.

around the world in less than 2 tonnes of CO2

Andy Pag and his team are attempting to drive around the world emitting less than two tonnes of CO2. You can follow the trip on their travel journal.

Follow the Biotruck across the world

Follow the Biotruck across the world

Sharing your trip with friends

The Travel Journal now offers many different ways to share your trip with your friends and family. Simply add their email address when you buy your SIM, or login to your Travel Journal and choose “share with friends” under the “friends” menu.

If you’d like your friends to be notified when you update your journal, you can do that too by choosing “send notifications” from the “friends” menu. You can configure how often an email will be sent to each friend.

If you’re on Facebook you can set up your journal to send updates to your wall so all your Facebook friends can follow your trip. There’s a little box that shows on your profile too that shows your last location and has links so your friends can jump into your Travel Journal.

You can also send your SMS updates to Twitter. To set up Facebook or Twitter updates, log in to your Travel Journal and click on the Facebook or Twitter icon on the account status box.


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